La Familia Cider

From Our Familia to Yours.

La Familia is a locally-made cider inspired by traditional Mexican Aguas Frescas, with flavors that combine Oregon’s new craft cider movement with Mexico’s passion for fresh-fruit drinks.

La Familia Cider was founded in 2017 by the Gonzalez family, first-generation Mexican immigrants that came to the US looking for the American Dream like many other families. And that’s where the story begins.

The Gonzalez family settled in Willamette Valley, Oregon, in the 1970s and worked hard through endless summers in the strawberry fields. Young José Gonzalez was only ten years old back then and always paid attention when his mother Lourdes prepared delicious handcrafted Aguas Frescas to help chill on those really hot summer days. She taught him how to prepare it using her original recipe and showed him the most important ingredient to achieve a perfect taste: cooking with love.

Food and drink are an essential part of La Familia’s story and their culture and Mexican roots. One day, José’s wife, Shani, was tasting a cider and came up with the idea of creating the same delicious drink, but with the familiar taste of their childhood Aguas Frescas. After talking with their children, Jay Jay and Jezzelle, and getting them on board as a family business, the Gonzalez decided to take matters into their own hands and create their one-of-a-kind Cider, always working together as a team. After messing around with homemade Aguas Frescas, they realized they had found something special.

Our Cider

Hispanic and family-operated, la Familia Cider offers distinctive hard ciders inspired by Aguas Frescas—fresh fruit beverages like Jamaica or Tamarindo, popular in Central and South America. Combining the love for Oregon’s craft cider scene with flavors and ingredients that reflect the family’s Mexican heritage, La Familia brings old-world recipes from Mexico into their new home country, resulting in the best cider in all Oregon.

Every cider is crafted with 100% Northwest Apple Juice, with no water or artificial flavors added. The mainstay flavors include Manzana, Tamarindo, and Hibiscus. The seasonal Guayaba flavor has been so popular that it is now available year-round. Also, every year before summer, a fun, new limited edition cider comes along, so be on the lookout for warm weather!

Where to find us

Don’t just read about it. You have to try it for yourself!
You can find La Familia Cider bottles and cans in more than 500 local stores throughout Oregon and Washington, and of course in its own flagship Taproom in Salem, Oregon!

Named best taproom of the region, La Familia Cider Company is a true gem in Downtown Salem. Conveniently located just one block from Riverfront Park, the Cider Taphouse offers customers an incredible family and kids-friendly environment. If you want to bring your four-legged friend after a stroll in the park, La Familia is pet-friendly too! You just have to sit down, relax and enjoy an incredible time with your loved ones sipping the most delicious cider and drinks in Salem.

Not in the mood for cider? No problem! La Familia has some of the most interesting beer selections in town and really fun locally-made drink options and cocktail specials. Whether it’s cold outside or a hot summer day, the cider taproom’s energetic and vibrant environment adapts to all scenarios.

A percentage of La Familia’s profits are donated to organizations supporting legal immigration rights. So, every time you drink and share La Familia’s ciders, not only are you joining a big wonderful family, you’re also helping keep familias together.

From Our Familia, to Yours. We look forward to seeing you around!